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About Us


Many companies have a mission statement. We simply have a mission. We want our customers to be able to experience not only the best products but also excellent customer service. We don't just sell products, we sell beliefs.
We are,, formerly known as QT factory, specializes in providing diverse and good-quality handmade products. QT factory has been providing customers on Etsy and Amazone platforms with the best quality products: clothing, jewelry and decorative products. was formed from the cooperation and expansion of QT facetory with other factories to give customers a variety of choices, good prices and excellent quality.



This is a partnership with the sole objective of benefiting customers. QThandmade always ensures the interests of buyers. Our goal is not the profit of the order but the smile of the customer when receiving the product.

Are you looking for an item for your loved one, or simply a gift for yourself? Message us now, and we'll have a nice chat.💌